Thursday, October 18, 2012

My First Counting Book- 31 Days of Activities Based on Children's Books

Our book today is My First Counting Book. I love this book because it is a classic golden book! I'm pretty sure I read this book growing up! :)

After we finished reading, Aubrey made her own counting book.

We talked about what she would like to count. (We used magazines to cut out pictures so I helped her think of things I knew we could most likely find.)
She chose shoes, babies, pieces of food, animals, and flowers.

Before we made the book, we looked through the magazines and made piles of all the things we found.
We separated them into the pages we wanted them on....1 shoe, 2 babies, etc....
Then she started making her book.
I made titles for each page and she just cut and glued the pictues on.
I made a title page for her book and stapled it together.
She loves reading her book!

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