Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Frugal Family Fun-Sudsy Fun

Today's frugal activity was super easy and so much fun for the girls! I just took a large squirt of dish soap and made LOTS of suds!

I loaded the bubbles onto a plate from the sink and the girls helped dump them into our sand and water table. We did this probably about 8-10 times to get enough suds to fill the table.

 Then, the girls got busy! They scrubbed the fence.....
 made sno cones.....
and even gave the cozy coupe a car wash.  (no pics of this) Afterward, Aubrey's favorite part...  rinsing all the bubbles!  
The girls loved this activity! And I'm pretty sure the backyard was much cleaner when they were done! :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Planning Week- Summer Fun List

When I checked the calendar today, I saw my kids only have 9 weeks of summer left!  Last year we made a summer fun list and we had so much fun!  I am an introvert and LOVE quiet time at home.  The summer fun list reminds me to enjoy summer a bit more with my kids!

1.YMCA water park
2. Zoo
3. Discovery World
4. Movie at the park night
5. Beach Day
6. Farmer's Market
7. Splash pad
8. Go on a picnic
9. Bubble painting
10. Scratch and sniff kool-aid painting
11. Make moon sand
12. Make homemade waffle cones
13. Try to make Applebee's Oriental Chicken Salad
14. Make homemade lemonade
15. Try to make lo-mein
16. Make a compost bin
17. Have a BBQ with friends (I am NOT a natural hostess so this is a challenge for me!)
18. Photo shoot with all 4 kids (This will be the most difficult!!)

I am going to leave my list at 18 things. I will have to do 2 things a week to keep up! That should keep us busy and still seems pretty do-able. Happy Summer!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Planning Week- Home Schedule

I sat down this week and came up with a plan to take care of my home more efficiently.  With summer in full gear, I need to have a plan to keep up!

Monday- Kitchen Day
-Make 2-3 homemade snacks and freezer meals (or more!)
-Clean out fridge
-Wipe out microwave

Tuesday- Office Day
-Pay bills
-Make menu plan for the week
-Clean out my purse

Wednesday- Errand Day
-Grocery shop
-Shop for gifts or cards that I need for the week (birthdays, anniversaries) Right now it seems like we are always stopping on the way to a gathering to pick up a gift card...frustrating!)
-Library books back
-Clean out car

Thursday- Cleaning Day
-Dust, Vacuum, Scrub floors
-Scrub bathrooms
-Wash towels
-Wash sheets

Friday- Laundry Day
-Do laundry

Saturday- Outside Day
-Weed the gardens
-Help girls clean up their play area
-Sweep patio

Sunday- Rest Day

I can't wait to try out this schedule.  I love the idea of waking up and knowing what I need to accomplish that day!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Today, We Celebrate...

One year ago, I woke up around 5:00 to Ethan having one of the worst seizures he had ever had.  
I remember the panic when he wouldn't come out of it, the 911 call, the police man that responded first who had a son that had just started having seizures so he understood my  panic (Really, God?? Thank you)
I remember the paramedics arriving and trying to get him to wake up.
I remember standing there crying and begging God not to take my son. 
I remember the ambulance leaving with my precious son and praying and sobbing as I drove behind them.  (Looking back, I probably shouldn't have driven to the hospital!!) 
I remember running into the hospital and the clerk telling  me that I would need to wait while they stabilized him. 
I remember totally losing it at this point.  
I remember the paramedic coming out and telling me that he woke up on the way and that he was fine and that I could come back and see him. (front desk lady had the wrong info)
I remember walking into his room and seeing his precious smile and him saying hi to me.  
I remember wanting to fall on my knees right there in the hospital and praising and thanking God for watching over my son.
I remember getting home later in the day and being overwhelmed by the love of our family and friends.

I remember deciding this day that trying to control Ethan's epilepsy without medicine was no longer working.
I remember being so disappointed that we would be trying anti-seizure meds.  Some of the side effects are nasty.  (The side effects we were told to watch for were extreme anger and suicidal thoughts or actions) Seemed to me we could be trading problems.
I remember the sadness when Ethan's diagnosis was changed from a form of epilepsy that he would grow out of to a form he would not grow out of. (He had to many seizures for the first diagnosis to be correct.)
I remember the feeling of being completely overwhelmed.

Today, one year later, we celebrate!!

Ethan has been seizure free for one year today!!!!!!!!!!

We are blessed...Some people try for years to find a medicine that will completely control their seizures.  The first medication we tried works great controlling his seizures.
We are blessed...We have had NO side effects.  Praise God for that!
We are blessed...Ethan is healthy.  He gets good grades.  He is super athletic.  He seems to be physically unaffected by the seizures or the medication.  He is a normal thirteen year old boy!
We are blessed...Through this trial we have felt the presence of our loving God so, so closely.
We are blessed...No matter what the future holds, we know our God is completely in control. He can continue to let Ethan remain seizure free or he could bring that trial back into our lives. Either way, We will praise Him.

Thank you, Lord, that today we can celebrate!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Frugal family fun- Marshmallow structures

Aubrey was at the store with me the other day when I bought the supplies for this activity.  She asked when we were going to do the "marshmallow project"!  When I told her it was time to start, she was so excited!

We used just two supplies-  Mini marshmallows and toothpicks

I knew this activity was a hit when even my thirteen year old wanted to do it.  He did make me promise not to take any pictures of him!

I gave each child a pile of marshmallows and a pile of toothpicks. Let the building begin!

Aubrey made a row of marshmallows to "roast"!  Then, she ate them.  I think this was her favorite part!

I love this activity because not only is it fun but is also educational!  We talked about how to make basic squares or triangles and then how to connect them to make structures.

Ethan explained to Isabella that if she wanted to make a skyscraper that she would need a larger base to support the high structure.  I love hearing my children teach each other!

This activity was a huge hit at my house and we will definitely be doing it again! 

****I did sit right at the table while they were doing this. The toothpicks can be sharp. The older kids are fine but I did want to make sure that Aubrey was being safe!****
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