Wednesday, April 10, 2013

30 Day House Cleaning Challenge- Day 10

Today's challenge is to deep clean your living room.

I have to admit that I do not deep clean very often. With four kids and a busy life, I am lucky to get the house surface cleaned!

I moved my couch and was shocked at what I found!

 This is a boring picture! This is after I vacuumed.

After I moved the couch, I noticed these two problem areas. It is amazing how when I started to deep clean, I kept finding more areas to clean!

Our entryway-

What do you do with your family's shoes? We just throw them by the door but this is pretty much in our living room. I would love some ideas on how to improve this area.

Clean for a moment!

This is the mess I was appalled at-

With the couch there, you don't really see it. It is tucked in the corner. When I moved the couch, it seemed so awful!

I added a bin to organize the books. I think it will help.

How often do you deep clean? I have decided I may need to do so more often!


Anonymous said...

I will admit that I don't deep clean very often, but I feel OK with that too. A few times a year seems to be quite sufficient for our home...or maybe that's just what I tell myself so I don't have to do it!

Your windows look beautiful, btw :)

Chloe Salerno said...

Looks great! My living room was awful today! haha

Couponing Away Debt said...

We had the same problem with shoes, the kids would line them up by the door. I recently bought a bench with cloth buckets under it and each child got their own buckets for shoes.It made my entry look so much cleaner.

Carlye Jean Rankin said...

I stole this idea from a friend but changed it a little to fit our home. She had a bucket for each person in the family. I had enough room for one basket. I will be moving a few things around so I can get another one for my daughters' shoes.

I had a basket that I wasn't using so this cost nothing for me.

hope this helps.

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