Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Planning Week- Home Schedule

I sat down this week and came up with a plan to take care of my home more efficiently.  With summer in full gear, I need to have a plan to keep up!

Monday- Kitchen Day
-Make 2-3 homemade snacks and freezer meals (or more!)
-Clean out fridge
-Wipe out microwave

Tuesday- Office Day
-Pay bills
-Make menu plan for the week
-Clean out my purse

Wednesday- Errand Day
-Grocery shop
-Shop for gifts or cards that I need for the week (birthdays, anniversaries) Right now it seems like we are always stopping on the way to a gathering to pick up a gift card...frustrating!)
-Library books back
-Clean out car

Thursday- Cleaning Day
-Dust, Vacuum, Scrub floors
-Scrub bathrooms
-Wash towels
-Wash sheets

Friday- Laundry Day
-Do laundry

Saturday- Outside Day
-Weed the gardens
-Help girls clean up their play area
-Sweep patio

Sunday- Rest Day

I can't wait to try out this schedule.  I love the idea of waking up and knowing what I need to accomplish that day!


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