Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Planning Week- Summer Fun List

When I checked the calendar today, I saw my kids only have 9 weeks of summer left!  Last year we made a summer fun list and we had so much fun!  I am an introvert and LOVE quiet time at home.  The summer fun list reminds me to enjoy summer a bit more with my kids!

1.YMCA water park
2. Zoo
3. Discovery World
4. Movie at the park night
5. Beach Day
6. Farmer's Market
7. Splash pad
8. Go on a picnic
9. Bubble painting
10. Scratch and sniff kool-aid painting
11. Make moon sand
12. Make homemade waffle cones
13. Try to make Applebee's Oriental Chicken Salad
14. Make homemade lemonade
15. Try to make lo-mein
16. Make a compost bin
17. Have a BBQ with friends (I am NOT a natural hostess so this is a challenge for me!)
18. Photo shoot with all 4 kids (This will be the most difficult!!)

I am going to leave my list at 18 things. I will have to do 2 things a week to keep up! That should keep us busy and still seems pretty do-able. Happy Summer!


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