Sunday, February 10, 2013

Five Songs I Love Right Now

1. Speak O Lord- Kristyn Getty
We sing this at our church and I just love it. One line in the hymn says, "Speak, O Lord, and renew our minds; Help us grasp the heights of Your plans for us."
I am trying to discern what God's plan for the next phase of my life will be and this reminds me that His plans are great!

2. Catch My Breath- Kelly Clarkson
I am trying to run and it is not working! I have worked up to five minutes but it is pure torture. This song is one that I listen to while running. It motivates me. (slightly) 
If you are a runner, does it ever get easier? Please say yes!!

3. Lead Me To the Cross-Hillsong
My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last week and just had surgery on Friday. This song reminds me of where my focus needs to be. Not on the fear, not on the journey ahead, but on THE CROSS. 


4. I Will Wait- Mumford and Sons
This song makes me want to simultaneously dance a jig and ugly cry. It reminds me of the way I feel about my teenage son. 
I will wait for him to remember how much I love him.
I will wait for him to embrace his precious place in our family.
I will wait to see the amazing plans God has for his life be fulfilled.
He is so worth waiting for.

5. I Need You More- Jesus Culture
This is the cry of my heart. I need you, Lord!! More than words can say...

What songs are you listening to right now? 


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