Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Version of 40 Bags In 40 Days

Have you ever done a 40 bags in 40 days?

I have decided to do something a bit different. We had our house for sale this past summer and we got rid of a lot of stuff. I don't think we could find 40 bags of stuff to get rid of...Maybe I will be surprised??

I am going to give 40 areas of my home a good cleaning/decluttering over the next 40 days.

Things like nightstands, bookshelves, end tables, cupboards, etc...So many parts of my home need some extra attention. 

I made a list of the 40 areas I will work on. (this is page one)

I want to make this a period of quieting my heart and restoring order, both to my house and my heart.

I started today on our junk drawer.

Before= Embarrassing!

So much better!

This drawer has been driving me crazy for months and it probably took me 20 minutes to clean it. Silly!

Do you let little projects build up or just take care of them when they bug you? I wish I was like that...Maybe one day!

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Accidentally Wonderful said...

Great idea. I need to get more organized, but it always seems so overwhelming. Spreading it out a bit is less daunting. Found your blog at the Living Well Wednesday linky.

Jennifer Sikora said...

I totally need to do this! My house is horrible and we will be moving in a couple of months so I should do this before we start packing boxes.

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