Tuesday, March 5, 2013

February "35 List" update

I thought I would post an update on how I am doing on my "35 List". I love that we have done some things we wouldn't have otherwise done without the list. I do need to pick up the pace if I want to complete the list!

1.Go on an overnight getaway.
2.Do "The Love Dare".
3.Go golfing together.
4.Go to a marriage retreat.

5.Go to see Ruben graduate basic training.
6.Take Ethan golfing.
7.Take girls for a coffee date.  This was so much fun! One of my favorite moments from this morning was when my 4 year old daughter looked at me, totally serious and asked, "When can I have my boyfriend sleep over?" I almost spit out my coffee! Not sure if I was more disturbed that she thought she had a boyfriend or that she wanted him to sleep over! 
8.Take Ruben to PF Changs.
9.Teach kids to play tennis.
10.Create and use prayer journals for each child. I love the process of journaling my prayers. I feel like I am more attentive to making sure I pray for the things I really desire for my children.

11.Run a 5K. I am plugging away at this! Running is so difficult for me. Am I doing something wrong??
12.Learn basic photoshop.
13.Finish my version of Project Life.
14.Take a ClickinMom Breakout Session.
15.Create a wardrobe that I love.
16.Have a "give back" birthday. (Celebrate my 35th birthday by thanking those in my life that are important to me.)

17.Create a beautiful desk area for myself.
18.Redo the girls room and get Aubrey a big girl bed.
19.Redo boys room for Ethan.
20.Plant white hydrangeas in the front of the house.

21.Fund a trip to see Ruben graduate basic training.
22.Fund next year's tuition for the children's schooling.
23.Sell 50 things we no longer use or love. I have sold 4 things.

24.Go to the zoo.
25.Take kids to the Rivoli Theater.
26.Go to Betty Brinn's Children's Museum.
27.Go to Milwaukee Public Museum.
28.Go rollerskating.
29.Go sledding.   I was so glad I added this to my list. We went so I could check it off the list and had a blast!
30.Go to a beach at a state park.
31.Have a game night with Grandparents.
32.Host a Thirty One Party. 
33.Have a cook out with friends.
34.Take a retreat day for myself.
35.Go to dinner at Riverside Brewery with family.


Tracey said...

Looks like you're doing a great job on your goals!! I like some of yours so much that I might need to add them to my list for next year. :)

Kim said...

Love your goals! They are inspiring!

The Lovely One said...

I hate running, too! Some people say it feels so good when they run... those people are crazy!

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